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Connect & Ingest data from / into a AWS S3 Bucket

Sling CLI Setup

The following credentials keys are accepted:
  • bucket (required)
  • access_key_id (required)
  • secret_access_key (required)
  • endpoint (optional)
Here are examples of setting a connection named AWS_S3. We must provide the type=s3 property:
$ sling conns set AWS_S3 type=s3 bucket=sling-bucket access_key_id=ACCESS_KEY_ID secret_access_key="SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"

Environment Variable

In JSON/YAML format:
export AWS_S3='{type: s3, bucket: sling-bucket, access_key_id: ACCESS_KEY_ID, secret_access_key: "SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"}'

Sling Env File YAML

See here to learn more about the sling env.yaml file.
type: s3
bucket: <bucket>
access_key_id: <access_key_id>
secret_access_key: '<secret_access_key>'
If you are facing issues connecting, please reach out to us at [email protected] or open a Github Issue here.
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