Extract data from a MongoDB instance

Sling CLI Setup

The following credentials keys are accepted:

  • host (required) -> The hostname / ip of the instance

  • user (required) -> he username to access the instance

  • password (optional) -> The password to access the instance

  • port (optional) -> The port of the instance. Default is 27017.

Here are examples of setting a connection named MONGODB. We must provide the type=mongodb property:

$ sling conns set MONGODB type=mongodb host=<host> user=<user> password=<password> port=<port> 

Environment Variable

export MONGODB='mongodb://root:password@host.ip:27017'

Sling Env File YAML

See here to learn more about the sling env.yaml file.

    type: mongodb
    url: mongodb://root:password@host.ip:27017

If you are facing issues connecting, please reach out to us at, on discord or open a Github Issue here.

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