SQL Server

Connect & Ingest data from / to a SQL Server database

Sling CLI Setup

The following credentials keys are accepted:
  • host (required) -> The hostname / ip of the instance
  • user (required) -> The username to access the instance
  • database (required) -> The database name of the instance
  • schema (optional) -> The default schema to use
  • password (optional) -> The password to access the instance
  • port (optional) -> The port of the instance. Default is 1433.
Here is an example of setting a connection named MSSQL. We must provide the type=sqlserver property:
$ sling conns set MSSQL type=sqlserver host=<host> user=<user> database=<database> password=<password> port=<port>
# Or use url
$ sling conns set MSSQL url=sqlserver://myuser:[email protected]:1433/mydatabase

Environment Variable

export MSSQL='sqlserver://myuser:[email protected]:1433/mydatabase'

Sling Cloud Setup

  • In Sling Cloud, click the Connections link on the left sidebar.
  • On top, click New Connection.
  • Search for "SQL Server". Click on it.
  • Input the needed information.
  • Click Test to verify connectivity.
  • Click Save to save the connection.

Database user creation

To allow Sling to access your database, we need to create a user with the proper privileges. Please follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    First you’ll need to login as a user with CREATE USER and GRANT OPTION privileges. Create a user sling (or whatever you prefer) by running :
    USE <database_name>
    CREATE LOGIN sling WITH PASSWORD='<password>';
    CREATE USER sling FOR LOGIN sling;
  2. 2.
    If you are planning to load data into this connection, you need to grant the following privileges to that user so we can create tables in schema sling:
  3. 3.
    If you are planning to extract data from this connection, you need to give permission to read the tables you'd like Sling to extract.
    -- To give read access to all tables in a specific schema
    GRANT SELECT ON SCHEMA::[<schema_name>] TO sling; -- Example for schema marketing: GRANT SELECT ON SCHEMA::[marketing] TO sling;

IP Address Whitelisting

If your database instance is secured behind a cloud firewall, please whitelist the IP addresses listed here. We may not be able to establish a connection without this step.
If you are facing issues connecting, please reach out to us at [email protected].
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