An introduction to the different offerings of Sling: Cloud and CLI.
Moving data from one platform to another has long been a critical process. Sling offers an easy solution to create and maintain high volume data pipelines using the Extract & Load (EL) approach. We offer both command line and web interfaces, depending on your preference.

Sling Cloud

Sling Cloud is a web application, which makes it easy to transfer data from one platform to another. To get started, you can open an account by simply signing up here. This allows you to:
  • Create Database and Storage connections that are securely stored in our vault.
  • Create EL jobs that can be executed on-demand or at a pre-defined schedule / interval.
  • View status and logs of executions (a granular replication task), as well as the ability to terminate ongoing executions.
  • Have email or Slack notifications sent to various recipients on task failures.
  • Ability to run sling worker instances on your own servers with our Docker image, where private connection credentials and extracted data do not leave your internal network.
If this sounds amazing to you, head over here to get started!

Sling CLI

sling CLI is a free tool that allows data extraction and loading from / into many popular databases / storage platforms. Have you ever wished to simply pipe a CSV file into a database? Now you can by running a command like this:
cat my_file.csv | sling run --tgt-conn MYDB --tgt-object my_schema.my_table
Click here to get started with slingCLI!